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Three interesting books (the first two with text in Italian only) concerning aspects close to our hearts are well worth mentioning:




"Gino Lisa."  Our good friend and Club member, Don Paolo Garliglio, has recently published the results of his research into the life and times of the 1st World War pilot Gino Lisa (awarded the Gold Medal for Valour), to whom our airfield was dedicated between 1921 and 1944. The book "Gino Lisa - l'Aquilotto della Prima Covata", published by Logisma of Florence, has a foreword by Maria Fede Caproni and is available to Club members from the secretary at the reduced price of...
alt "Mille Aeri in Mille Giorni." Published by Lazzanetti of Trana, this book by Carlo Pognante and Mario Oliviero recounts the short but intense story of the "AER" Factory of Orbassano. Rich in previously-unpublished photos, the historical research has been effected with great skill and attention to detail by the authors. This is an indispensable document detailing the activities of the factory which produced the famous Caudron G3 and G4 aircraft, one of which, among other things, was employed by Guigliemo Marconi for his initial experiments in airborne radio transmission at Mirafiori in 1915.

"History of the Aeroclub Torino" We would like to remind you that copies of this dual language book (Italian and English) will remain available until stocks are exhausted. It covers more than 100 years of Torinese aviation history, from the first flight in the city by Delagrange in 1908 up until the World Air Games of 2009. Essential reading for those interested in the aeronautical history of Turin.

For info call (+39) 011. 77-90-916.



A book on helicopter rescue operation titled "SOS Italian Helicopter Rescue Operations from Mediterranean Sea to Mont Blanc."
The intention of the author, Dino Marcellino, is to make the many aspects of this particular activity known to the non-specialist audience.
The book is 285x195mm in size, has 148 pages, 278 color photographs, is printed on 170g glossy paper, hardcover, and is in English. Price Euro 30 + shipping.

To purchase, please contact the author at dino.marcellino @ live.it


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