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Meeting of November 28, 2012


On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 the Annual General Meeting was held to decide, in extraordinary session, amendments to the Statute to comply with CONI regulations and in ordinary session to approve the projected budget for 2013.

In advance, please be advised that by the unanimous vote of all present and eligible to vote (1) the new text of the Bylaws (published in "Aero Club Torino / Articles" as per the deed by the notary Gianelli of Turin, (ii) the electoral rules issued pursuant to Article 7 of the Statute, (iii) the projected budget for 2013. were approved.


Charity dinner on behalf of che children of Burkina Faso


altOn the 19th of October, (World Food Day decreed by the United Nations Organization), the international solidarity and cooperative association LVIA, in collaboration with the Aeroclub Torino, organized a charity dinner to remind us of the more than 900 million people who suffer from malnutrition. To guarantee food of sufficient quantity and quality for all, alternative models of production and consumption are equired.

Each person at the dinner contributed 5,00 Euro in support of two projects in Burkina Faso which were presented during the course of the evening:


  • prevention of infantile malnutrition
  • support towards the countryside families to buy seed following the terrible food shortage which  has affected 15.000.000 people throughout the Sahel

On the 20th and 21st of October, LVIA will be active with stands at various points in Turin and the province with bags of bio apples for sale.

For more information about LVIA, projects, list of stands and for contributions: www.lvia.it


tel. - E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Luciana Littizzetto "shoots" at the Aero Club


altWednesday evening 17th October saw the Aero Club as the backdrop for a number of scenes being shot for the film "Il Vedovo" (The Widow). The film, directed by Massimo Venier, has Luciana Littizzetto and Fabio De Luigi as the protagonists and is a remake of Dino Risi's 1959 comedy of the same name which starred Alberto Sordi and Franca Valeri.

Our Cessna 172 and the Aero Club became Romanian for the occasion.

Below are some photos of the event.




Little pilots



Saturday, may 26, 2012, on the initiative of the Lions Club of Collegno, Pinerolo and San Mauro, a group of small guests of the Family House of Pinerolo were escorted to our airport.
The children and their carers have visited our facilities and were able to try the pleasure of flight. Many thanks to the pilots Dario Deledda, Giampiero Grandi, Gianni Guala, Ivan Martina, Diego Menardi, Toni Patrone, Roberto Pedrale, Sandro Villa for providing their time aircraft and time.


Glider Racing in August



altDuring the month of August, glider races were held at Bailleau in France and at Rieti.

Pilots from Turin participated in both competitions, in some cases with excellent results.

For details, information and results see  Blog volo a vela.


Meeting with ESCP students


Saturday, September 1 students of ESCP Europe MBA courses came to meet in our premises.

After a business game in our hangar, the students learned about our airport and our activities, and esxperienced a flight with our FIs.

We hope tio see soon someone of them back to get a flight licence. 


Meeeting with ENAV for CTR West update


Thursday, July 27, forwarded by Antimo Bertolino (NAAV LIMA), there was a meeting with ENAV CAAV deputies (Mr. Santospirito, Bergero, Bonelli, Migliasso) in order to evaluate likelihood of a new definition of vertical and horizontal limits of LIMF CTR, in the area West of LIMA. Such changes should allow gliders to reach with more ease the mountain area, without contacting Torino App.

After a convivial lunch, the meeting gave good results, thank to the positive approach by ENAV personnel. There will be further meetings, to verify in detail the operations to be implemented, probably before end of this year.


Cessna 172 I-CCAH comes back to work

After a long and painful gestation, today Cessna 172 I-CCAH made his first certification flight..
The aircraft was made good for 0 flight time both as airframe and powerplant, and after the approval of ENAC will be available from Saturday 14th to the Members for check flights.
The hourly rate (instructor excluded) is € 209,40 , corresponding to € 3,49 per minute.
Remember that is always valid for all aircraft a promotion promotion on the basis of which the Member who anticipates € 2,000 in flight account will be credited for € 2.100.


Inauguration of the bridge over Dora river


Friday, July 6, 2012, with the presence of provincial and local authorities, a new bridge on Dorqa river was opened, connecting Corso Marche with Tangenziale Nord.
Turin Aero Club has contributed to the event with repeated passes of tjhe mytical TORO patrol, that has exhibited notwithstanding the strong storm hitting the area.


ENAV Briefing at Caselle airport


On the joint initiative of Caselle CAAV and Aeritalia NAAV, Friday, May 25 thirty our members have been able to attend. in Caselle, a briefing on the flight assistance and on the latest developments in terms of legislation and service.
After welcome by the Director Danilo Bosotto and his Deputy Andrea Santospirito, the controller Walter Bonelli made a complete illustration of the operation of the service organization and the interaction between agency and pilots in flight, highlighting the latest innovations and those which will shortly be introduced.
After obtaining timely answers to their many questions, the members were accompanied to visit to the weather service, the radar room and the control tower.
In the context of a fruitful collaboration between the institution and its users, the iniziatve will be soon repeated with special reference to the weather service.


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