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In Flight with a Smile 2016

altOn Saturday, September 17, 2016 a number of sick children from the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital in Turin and their escorts will be guests of the Torino-Aeritalia airport, where they will be offered free flights by those members of the Aero Club Torino who have rendered their aircraft available for this laudable initiative.

The event, which is now in its its seventh edition and has received the patronage of the Cities of Turin and Collegno, is organized by the Aero Club Torino with the enthusiastic support of the three organizations which for some time and with excellent results have dedicated their efforts to assisting the sick children and their families: FORM, RARE INFANTILE DISEASES and UGI.

The initiative aims to bring a smile and a moment of serenity to the faces of the children and their families, fully conscious of the difficult path that they face daily.

The children will be entertained with impromptu talent shows and with playful-creative activities, while waiting their turn for their flight.

In addition, during the day ice cream, snacks and - to the carers - coffee will be distributed: The conclusion will see the presentation of flight diplomas to the small aviators.

Contributing to the success of the day, in addition to the work of volunteers, is the much-appreciated financial support from the various companies who have offered to participate.


Centenary of Torino-Aeritalia Airport

altOn the 2nd and 3rd of July 2016 the Aero Club Torino celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Torino-Aeritalia Airport.

The event took place over two days - on Saturday there was a groundbreaking ceremony with the opening of the "Village", the staging of which saw not only the participaation of the Air Force and the Carabinieri but also that of the major local aeronautical industries (Leonardo, Thales Alenia Space, Microtechnology, Avio- aero etc.) the Polytechnic University, the Grassi Technical Institute and other institutional bodies.

A static display of about 40 historic aircraft from all over Italy was organized (among them being a C-27 military transport aircraft produced by Leonardo) as well as some 40 vintage cars from the "FIAT Historic Vehicles Group".

In the "village", numerous booths offered displays of services and products. These included an F-16 flight simulator and a Thales-Alenia IXV spacecraft (shuttle). One of the early Agusta-Bell 47 helicopters, used by the first Helicopter Nucleus of the Carabinieri at Aeritalia, and undergoing restoration before going to the Carbinieri museum near Alba, attracted considerable interest.

Test flights and exercises were performed by the display teams and soloists on Saturday afternoon, while a large attraction for the children was a tethered balloon offering free rides.

On the Sunday, from 3pm onwards, with free admission, a large Air Show took place, in which 6 aerobatic teams and numerous soloists peformed for the delight of the crowd. These included two world champions as well as displays by the Civil Defence, Forestry Police, Army and the Carabinieri. The conclusion came just after 6pm with a stunning performance by the Frecce Tricolori National Aerobatic Team.

It ws reported that between 130-140,000 people attended the event, making it an unprecedented success.


Airport Run 2016

altFor a number of years now, the Foundation "La Stampa-Specchio dei Tempi" in collaboration with the Piedmont Foundation for Cancer Research has been organizing the Airport Run - the only track event that takes place on an airport runway. Sunday, June 12, 2016 saw the first Turin edition of this - on the Aeritalia airport runway.

About 1,000 runners took part, making it a great success.


June 30, 2016: Conference at the Industrial Union

altThe Torino Airport Centenary gave an opportunity to conduct a reflection on the reality and on the future of the Piedmont aerospace industry and the education system that feeds it: this was the goal of the event which was held on June 30, 2016 at the Turin Industrial Union.

During the conference, emphasis was placed on the importance of the aerospace industry, alongside of which a school system and a first-class university (Polytechnic and Grassi Technical Institue) operate in parallel and in synergy to provide well-prepared young people to which the industry is able to offer solid and qualified employment opportunities and career prospects.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Turin Industrial Organization Licia Mattioli, Maurizio Nastasi, Brigadier General Cepova of Cameri who brought the greetings of the Air Force, Angelo Moriondo President of the Aero Club Torino, who traced the history of the Aeritalia airport and aviation in Turin and Tom Dealessandri and Andrea Romiti who participated on behalf of the Piedmont Aerospace District.


2016 Raid - Lisbon

altThis year, a series of setbacks saw a smaller number of participants in the annual Raid compared to previous years. Only 5 aircraft and 11 people participated, with Lisbon as their goal, the flights taking place between July 9 and 14.

However, six days of good weather rewarded the intrepid participants, allowing all crews to finish the flight without incident.

The following aircraft and crews took part:

• D-EBJR (Giorgio Rampini e Virginio Masera)
• I-VANZ (Filippo Gugliotta e Marina Alberto)
• D-EAFW (Angelo Ferrarese e Simone Pluchino)
• I-ICES (Annalisa Demaria e Elena Savella)
• I-GAYD (Alberto Musso, Silvio Furione e Francesca)


Giancarlo Grinza makes it a hat-trick by winning the 44th "City of Turin"

altDespite the adverse weather which allowed only two trials (9 and 10 April) to take place from the scheduled six, the 44th City of Turin was contested by a strong field.

The victory went to the Torinese pluri-Italian champion Giancarlo Grinza, a member of our Aero Club, accompanied by co-pilot Pino Gulotta with a total of 1,572 points. The two aces repeated their success of the previous two years, and on the podium preceded the Tuscan Sandro Montemaggi (1,549 points) and Alfio Lavazza (1,525 points).

The first weekend (1, 2 and 3 April) was afflicted by rain, but the weather brightened up for the following next weekend, allowing the smooth running of two trials (respectively 200 and 300 km) on the basis of which the standings were established and the awards were made.

Thus ended the 44th "City of Turin" Trophy, which saw the participation of 16 gliders, mainly from northern Italy (including eight 2-seaters). The race cannot be homologated since the minimum of 3 trials did not take place, but it is still valid for the allocation of points for the IGC international rankings.


The "Certosa d'Oro" awarded to Angelo Moriondo

altThe Certosa d'Oro award, dedicated to the City of Collegno is assigned to the figures who, through their work, studies, research and activities have enhanced and brought honour to the City, in line with its history, traditions and culture. On the evening of Saturday, January 30, 2016 during the Festival of the City of Collegno, held at the Lavanderia a Vapore, the Mayor Francesco Casciano presented the award to our President for his outstanding commitment with dedication and passion to the management of the Aero Club Torino Aeritalia airport situated in Collegno. Guests of the evening (see photo) were the Hon. Umberto D'Ottavio (former mayor of Collegno now Member of Parliament), Silvana Accossato, (former mayor of Collegno now Regional Director), Gianna Pentenero (Regional Councillor for Work) and the astronaut Maurizio Cheli.


Centenary of the Torino-Aeritalia Airport

altJuly 10, 2016 will see the centenary inauguration for the Torino-Aeritalia Airport, among the "old" ones now operating in Italy and on which the most important part of the Italian Air Force was born and developed.

For a worthy celebration of this anniversary, the Aero Club Torino, which was founded in 1908 and since 1956 has managed the airport, has planned events spread over three days as described below:

  • Friday, July 1, 2016, a public concert in Piazza San Carlo in Turin;
  • Saturday, July 2, 2016, at the airport, an exhibition of historic aircraft and vehicles, and the presentation of many avant-garde production situations in the aeronautical and aerospace industries, based in Piedmont;
  • Sunday, July 3, 2016, a big air show with the participation of the Frecce Tricolori PAN.

Here are the logos of those who have already granted their Patronage:



Social Dinner 2015

altOn Wednesday, December 16th the traditional social dinner was held - an occasion for the exchange of greetings, with a large turnout of members and their families.

Among the guests were the Mayor of Collegno Francesco Casciano, the Regional Councillor for Sports Giovanni Ferraris, the Piedmont Regional Councillor Silvana Accossato, the Councillor for Sports of the municipality of Collegno Matthew Cavallone and representatives Giuseppe Russo and Paul Migliasso (ENAV ) and Antimo Bertolino (ENAC) with their respective spouses.

During the evening 10 "eagles" and 5 "gulls" to those who had achieved this milestone in 2015 for powered and glider flight.

Later in the evening, continuing the established tradition, there was an exchange of gifts.


Approval of the Estimated Budget 2016, and the appointment of an auditor

altThe General Members Meeting of November 25, 2015 approved, by a unanimous vote, the budget for the year 2016 that which shows an outlay of 1,235 million Euro is balanced by an equivalent coverage of revenues and membership fees.

Both the fees and the 2016 tariffs for essential services provided to the members will remain unchanged.

During the meeting, the President, Angelo Moriondo, summed up the social activity of 2015 and presented the initiatives already undertaken as well as those to be implemented that will culminate in the Centenary celebration of the airport planned in July 2016.

The meeting also proceeded to the election of an Auditor as replacement for the late Alberto Tanturri.

The outcome of the vote was as follows:

24 votes Domenico Luppino
13 votes Francesco Tolomeo
2 blank votes.
To the newly elected Domenico Luppino go congratulations and best wishes.


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