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Experience Cult 2015

altThe Aero Club has become a partner of the new edition of Experience Cult, the initiative promoted for the fifth consecutive year by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, which takes place from 12 October to 30 November 2015. A contest that promotes, through an on line quiz, the culture and the excellence of Piedmont.

Also this year, given the resounding success of last year, the first prize will be a "Week of Relaxation" with exclusive tours, personalized tours of Piedmont and tastings in the most beautiful Savoy residences.

For more infohttp://www.esperienzacult.it/


October 24 - 1500 children at the airport

altFor several years the Regina Margherita Hospital and the Onlus FO.R.MA have organized in mid-December an event attended by several thousand Santas, amply covered by the press and television.

This year FO.R.MA intends to organize a launch event and a competition among children, who will be asked to paint objects used to decorate a Christmas tree (balls, stars, balloons, etc.).

All children will receive an object to be decorated, and the winner will be announced on the occasion of the feast of Santas in December

This preparatory event to the feast of Santa Clauses will be held at the Aero Club on

Saturday, October 24 from 15.00 to 18.00

All primary school children in Turin and Collegno will be invited, so it the participation of about 1,500 people is expected.

The usual powered flight hangar used for events be made available to the F.O.R.MA organisation..


6th Edition of "In Flight for a Smile" at the Aero Club Torino

aero club torino - bimbi-volo

Today saw the repetition of the day dedicated to children of the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital of Turin and their parents, who experienced the thrill of flight thanks to members and instructors of the Aero Club Torino.

The day was organized with the patronage of the Department for Sport of the City of Turin and of the City of Collegno, in collaboration with Association for Rare Childish Illnesses, the “FORMA” Association and the Italian Parents Association.

37 flights were performed and 111 people including children and their parents were given a flight.


The program was as follows:

09:30 to 10:00: Arrival at the airport of the children on board the Army coach made available by the Taurinense Alpine Brigade

10:00 to 13:00: Flights of 9 planes provided by volunteer members of the Aero Club Torino

13:00: lunch for the children

14-14.30: Entertainment by FLIC Circus School and Marco Berry

15:00: Consignment of certificates of flight to children with the participation of the Mayor of Collegno. Dr. Francesco Casciano and the representatives of the Regional Council Dr. Silvana Accossato.


I-PELO goes back to fly!

altAfter some 9 years of hard work and lots of money, the Stamp SV4 biplane, I-PELO, owned by Daniele Zecchin and Oscar Bernardi finally set off down the runway and took to the air.

The initial test flight took place on the afternoon of Thursday, July 16, 2015.


UFO at the Torino - Aeritalia airport

altThe usual "Martians "had decided to let us find an artistic geometrical figure one bright morning in the cornfield just beyond the head of Runway 10L.

Needless to say, the event attracted the interest of "La Stampa" and a number of local newspapers.

Apparently the Martians have been identified in the area of Collegno and it seems they have granted an exclusive to some national weeky magazines, so we expect to hear soon concerning the identity of the creators and the methods of construction they employed.


The Aero Club at the Teatro Regio

altFollowing the agreement of collaboration with Turismo Torino, we are pleased to announce that the Aero Club Torino will participate in THE BEST OF ITALIAN OPERA at the Teatro Regio.

From 9 to 26 July 2015 four great works of Italian opera: La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini, The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini, La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi and Norma by Vincenzo Bellini will alternate in performance.

More info at  http://www.teatroregio.torino.it/node/5387

A Turin which welcomes tourism also passes here.


The Aero Club at the Music Festival

altThe Aero Club Torino participated in the Music Festival which took place between the 12th to 15th June 2015 in Piazza Palazzo di Città (in front of the Turin Municipal building), to promote PPLA, GPL, and drone theoretical courses plus our introductory flights.

We thank those members who worked hard to ensure the success of the event.


Presentation of the Aero Club to the Avogadro Institute


As part of the plan concerning communication and training, the Aero Club has entered into an agreement with the Avodagro institute aimed at augmenting awareness of our airport and disseminating knowledge of the history of aviation in Turin to the young.

Under this agreement, on Thursday, June 4, 2015, our structure and its possibility for flight.was presented to some of the 4th year pupils.

The agreement, sponsored by Prof. Gianluigi Salassa, will see the distribution of our information, via the Avogadro Institute, to the 1,703 students currently enrolled therein.


Juventus centre-forward Alvaro Morata scores a goal in I-GILI

altOn Wednesday, May 28, the London-based crew of "We Are Social" shot an Adidas publicity video involving the Juventus striker Alvaro Morata at our airport.

You never know - this advertising spot might even stimulate a new passion in the Juventus champion.


International Book Fair

altOnce again, the Aero Club Torino participated in the International Book Fair to promote the PPL (A), GPL and Drone Theory courses, along with the sale of introductory flights and books on aviation themes. Our stand, number T45, was located in Pavilion 3, in front of the RAI stand, close to that of the Armed Forces.

Sara and Loredana were delighted to welcome all Club Members who visited us.


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