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Approval of the 2014 Budget and Election of a New Director

altThe Annual General Meeting of the Aero Club Torino took place on April 29 and unanimously approved the financial statement for the year ending December 31, 2014, which concluded with an after-tax operating surplus of €13,268.99.

An election was also held to replace the late lamented Paul Monzeglio, prematurely laid to rest last autumn.

The outcome of the voting was as follows:

Maurizio Fiorilli - 20 votes
Dario Deledda - 19 votes
Alfonso Carbon - 5 votes

Congratulations and best wishes from the Club Members and the other members of the Board to Maurizio Fiorilli, our newly-elected Director.


Introductory Flight for a Young Family

altSaturday, May 2 we had the pleasure of taking to the skies with a young family including a baby of 17 months, Matthew. The flight took place thanks to the sponsorship of Federalberghi and our offer to bring the aeronautical world closer to those who still do not know about us.

Prior to takeoff, our Instructor, Diego Menardi, the pilot, explained the flight in detail to Paolo, the father, successively commented enthusiastically by all three guests.


Another of our young students goes solo.

altOn Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 17 years old Damian Pope made his first takeoff as solo pilot in our Tecnam P2002 JF aircraft "I-ACTO" following authorisation by his instructor, Riccardo Di Bari.


Diploma "Paul Tissandier" awarded to the President of the Aero Club Torino.

altIn conjunction with the annual general meeting of the Aero Club of Italy held last Saturday, the FAI proceeded with the awards of "PAUL Tissandier" honourary diplomas for merit in the context of air sports management.

This year, diplomas were awarded to Giovanni Malago, the President of CONI, to Air Force General Pasquale Preziosa, to Angelo Moriondo, the President of the Aero Club Torino and to Eng. Enea Guccini, a former ENAC director.

Pictured: The President of CONI Giovanni Malagò presents the "Paul Tissandier" diploma to Angelo Moriondo, President of the Aero Club Torino.


Turin commemorates Carlo Montù

altOn Wednesday, April 15, Councillor Stephen Gallo, representing the City Mayor, Piero Fassino, inaugurated the garden between Via De Canal and Via San Remo (District 10, Mirafiori north) which was named in memory of Carlo Montù, founder (in 1908) and first President (until 1926) of the Aero Club Torino and President of CONI (and in that capacity creator in 1920 of the Italian national team for athletes), the Italian Football Federation, the Italian Fencing Federation and the Italian Rowing Federation.


Giancarlo Grinza does it again, winning the 43rd "City of Turin" Trophy

altA beautiful Sunday evening with prizes and drinks in an atmosphere of friendship and general merriment saw the conclusion of the 43rd City of Torino Trophy, begun over the Easter weekend and continued through the following weekend.

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The Aero Club Torino at Friedrichshafen 2015

altThe Aero Club Torino, together with DG-SKY will be at Stand 309, in Hall B4, at the "AERO 2015" Airshow which will take place from the 15th thru the 18th of April 2015 in Friedrichshafen (Germany).

This major European event, dedicated to General Aviation, now in its 23rd edition, will see the presence of our Aero Club along with a pool of the various industries based at the Torino-Aeritalia airport, highly motivated towards innovation and the development of wearable devices for "Pilots 3.0" seeking more control and more technology in flight.

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20th group "Frecce Tricolori" of Turin


The 20th group of the "Frecce Tricolori" of Turin, including its President Daniel Bressarelli, visited the Aero Club Torino as the first contact towards active cooperation in the organization of participatory events and promotion in our type of world.

55 people enjoyed a convivial lunch on Sunday, March 29 during which our situation was outlined. A visit round the airport took place after lunch, allowing our visitors to gain a first-hand view of our operational potential.

The foundations for a mutually-advantageous collaboration with regard to future events have thus been laid.


Sironi - New Italian Gliding Record

altOur heartiest compliments to Alberto Sironi.

Today he concluded a flight totalling 1217 Km during a 1000 km triangle in an Arcus: a new Italian record !!

The day was not an easy one due to significant turbulence.

The flight also confirmed the predictions by RASP of a very strong wave effect.

In the first photo, we see his rate of climb as 11.2 m/sec at 14:29 GMT just south of Aosta.

The second photo shows the wave effect forecast by RASP which Alberto benefitted from (14.00 GMT). The scale has a maximum of 11.75 m/sec., during which, at 14:29 Alberto achieved 11.2 m/ sec.

Alberto Sironi is a participant in our "City of Turin Trophy " gliding competition.


43rd "City of Turin" Gliding Trophy

altThe "City of Turin Trophy" officially began yesterday with the pre-race briefing, during which the President of the Aero Club Torino, Angelo Moriondo, briefly described the history of this trophy which has taken place, although not every year, since 1962 and whose first edition was won by the late Leonardo Brigliadori. He also mentioned that the Italian championships for the 15 m and 18 m standard classes, which will be held from 20 thru 28 June, were assigned to Turin since the city is the European Capital of Sport 2015.

The race director presented the theme of the opening race of about 200 km with 2 "area task" zones at Varallo Sesia and Pinerolo.

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