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Drones Tuition (SAPR) School

The scope of the SAPR course, [Remotely Steered Aircraft Systems], generally known as "Drones", is to prepare pilots to the standard required by ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) for the '"certification" and "licensing" of drone pilots.
The "certificate" permits the piloting of drones not exceeding 25 kg, while the "license" is required for pilots of drones over 25 kg.

The certificate / license, according to the new Regulations of 16 July 2015, can only be issued by an approved Drone training center.
The Aero Club Torino has entered into an agreement with North West Service Ltd., which is a training center holding Drone authorization OA. 3499 from ENAC.
Under this agreement the Aero Club Torino (already holder of ENAC certification 3873 for the organization of theoretical courses) will continue to hold the theoretical part at its premisess in Turin, Strada Berlia 500, while the practical element will be conducted by North West Service in areas that will be designated as required.

Such courses are intended for those who are novices to drones or who intend to start an occupation in which piloting is required, for example: photographic and/or video recordings in hard to reach areas; in agriculture for the vigilance of soils and crops; in security for supervision, control and surveillance of our cultural heritage; in civil defence for environmental monitoring and surveillance of the territory in the event of natural disasters.

It isthe ideal solution for an in-depth knowledge of the Drone technology systems, their flight mechanics and constructional principles, basic principles of meteorology, specific legislation, air laws etc, for a clear comprehension of the limits and operational potential of these systems in accordance with the new directives.

COURSES (General)

As previously mentioned, the practical course for obtaining the certificate / license will be conducted by the Drone Training Center of North West Service in cooperation with the Aero Club Torino, who conduct the prerequisite theoretical course.


The theory course, conducted by Aero Club Torino, is taught by qualified professionals and is divided in two weekends for a total of 33 hours of classroom instruction with an obligatory presence for the the entire duration of the course. There will also be three hours of verification examinations using multiple choice quizzes at the end of the course. The course covers the following subjects: Aeronautical regulations, Drone legislation, Airspace, VFR communications, Meteorology, Drone knowledge, General notions about the mechanics of flight, Constructional principles, use and maintenance of drones, Drone operational procedures.
Classes are held at the Aero Club Torino, on Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 to 18.00.


The course of practice will be performed by the North West Service , allowing the piloting of drones in critical and non-critical environments, and will be taught by qualified instructors, in dedicated areas, with the following program:

  • Overview of theory
  • Basic flying practice
  • Advanced flight practice
  • Simulation of damage to the system

For a total of 16 hours of basic course.

Enrollment via the secretariat of the Aero Club Torino (011.7790916).
The courses will be held for a minimum number of 8 participants.


The cost of the theoretical course is € 500 including:

  • Membership of the Aero Club Torino
  • handouts of the subjects taught
  • copy of the legislation
  • navigational charts

The cost of the practical element is € 1,300 (+ VAT) including:

  • Teaching materials
  • Certificate / pilot license as required by art. 23 of the current Regulations


The association fees for the Aero Club Torino, included in the cost of the course, entitles participants
 latter, please request information from the Aero Club Torino secretariat.

corso droni aero club torino oki


118 Night Service


As of Thursday, November 20, 2014, the 118 helicopter rescue service was extended to cover night operations.

In line with the convention stipulated with the Regione Piemonte, the Aero Club Torino provides the service of fire coverage during the nocturnal hours up until 4:00 am.

The costs of compliance with the night service (telecameras, automatic alert service, automation of access, etc.) as well as service personnel are for the present being borne by the Aero Club while waiting for a better definition of economic aspects.


Visit to the Airport

altYesterday, December 16, 2014, the children of the 5D class from the Marconi School of Collegno came to visit us at the airport.

After being given an introductory briefing in the classroom followed by a fortifying breakfast offered by the Aeroclub, the young people visited the 118 helicopter rescue area and then went to see our gliders at first hand.


Paolo Monzeglio


On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, at the age of 65, our Club Member and Director

He was a Director of the Aero Club for 10 years, first as the Gliding seciality representative and then as head of airport security.

He was a glider and powered flight pilot as of 1985.

He will be sadly missed by all for his sunny and joyful disposition.


Approval of the 2015 budget

altTheAnnual General Meeting of Members held on November 19, 2014 unanimously approved the budget for the year 2015.

The budget forecasts an income of 1.123 000 Euro and outgoings of 1.099 000 Euro, with a contingency reserve of 24 000 Euro.

Membership fees and those of essential services remain unchanged.

The President, Angelo Moriondo, summed up the social activity of 2014 and presented the initiatives already undertaken and those of forthcoming implementation.


Visits to the airport


altOn Thursday 16th of October, the children of the fourth grade Section B of the Aurora School of Turin came to visit us.

The aspiring pilots were given an idea of our activities, taken to see the SAR helicopter site afollowed by a close look at our gliders, before ending the morning with a picnic lunch at the gliding section.


Renewal of the agreement with the Turin Polytechnic

On Thursday, September 4, 2014 we renewed our five-year agreement with the Turin Polytechnic regarding our mutual cooperation in aviation industry research activities in the broadest sense (e.g. airport systems, flight operations, flight testing, flight simulation , experimentation and tuition regarding Remotely Piloted Air Vehicles (RPAV), control systems and computers and other related applications and research in innovative and unconventional contexts).

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20th September 2014 - In flight for a smile


altOn Saturday, September 20, 2014, the Turin Aero Club organized their 5th annual event aimed at offering the pleasure of flight to the patients of the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital inTurin.

Instrumental in the success of the event was the collaboration of the Regina Margherita Hospital's three non-profit organizations: Foundation for Rare Childhood Diseases (FMRI), Regina Margherita Foundation (FORM) and the Italian Parents Union (UGI), with the support of the authorities of the Cities of Turin and Collegno and the following sponsors:

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Raid 2014 in Sicily (Magna Grecia)


altThis year, for a variety of reasons, mainly work and unavoidable other commitments, only 9 aircraft and 21 people (compared to the 15 aircraft and 38 people originally forecast) participated in the raid between the 5th and the 9th of July 2014 which had eastern Sicily as its goal.

The participants were rewarded by four days of excellent weather, and all crews completed the flights without any difficulties.

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Promotional Video



The shooting of the scenes for the promotional video commissioned by the Aero Club from RA Studios of Turin has finally ended.

The 3 ½ minute video was shot under the supervision and direction of Andrea Trombetta and Richard Covino with photographic services by Peter Bongiovanni.

A 20-second spot was also made. This will be screened in two of the halls at the Lingotto cinema at the end of each show, during the months of August, September and October, for a total of about 1000 showings.

The video can be seen on YouTube via the following link:



 link delle foto


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