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Meeting with ENAV concerning the new local airspace variations


altOn Wednesday 5th February, Messrs. Andrea Santospirito and Walter Bonelli from ENAV Caselle, together with Mr. Antimo Bertolini, Head of our AFIU, illustrated to club members the recently introduced variations to our local airspaces and outlined those expected in the near future.

As testimony to the interest in the subject, about a hundred members attended the meeting, which was much appreciated both for the information imparted and the spirit of collaboration demonstrated by the ENAV staff.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, a recording has been made available at the following link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1lgpmsw5xhx0os/Conferenza.wmv


Conference at the Circolo dei Lettori


altOn Friday 24th January, following an invitation by Prof.ssa Alba Zanini, the Aero Club organized a conference on the theme "Turin � Beginnings and Development of the Aeronautical Industry" at the Circolo dei lettori in Turin.

The iniziative, which was also supported by the Turin newspaper "La stampa",( http://www.aeroclubtorino.it/it/documenti/finish/19/133.html) was an extraordinary success, with a packed audience from all sectors - more than 100 people seated in the hall, many standing and a large number who were unable to even get in!

At the end of the conference, a copy of Angelo Moriondo's book dealing with the beginnings of aviation in Turin was distributed to those present.


You can now obtain your pilot's license for € 245 per month.


altThe Aero Club Torino has signed an agreement with the Banca d'Alba to finance the cost of the PPL course for student pilots aged between 18 and 30.

The agreement provides for the payment of costs related to obtaining your Private Pilot's License, with a repayment plan of 48 monthly installments of € 245 (*).

(*) Price valid until 31.12.2014 , subject to Euribor exchange rates.

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Christmas Dinner 2013


altThe members' dinner for the traditional exchange of greetings, held on Friday, 20th December saw a large turnout of members and their families.

Among the guests were the Mayoress of Collegno, Silvana Accossato, with her husband and daughter, and representatives from Enav, Andrea Santospirito, Paulo Migliasso and Antimo Bertolino with their wives.

During the course of the evening, those new pilots who gained their certificates for powered flight and gliding in 2013 were awarded their "eagles" and "3 gulls" badges respectively.

Participants brought symbolic gifts which became the prizes for a cheerful lottery held towards the end of the evening.


New Representative for the Gliding specialty


altThe (now ex-) Representative of the Gliding Section, Gigi Giardino, was elected to the National Board as the member for the STS (Technical Specialty) of gliding. His election to this office is incompatible with that of his post as a Director of the Aero Club Torino, thus for all practical purposes, his status as the Gliding Specialty Representative was consequently revoked. On 31st October, in second convocation, a Meeting of the Gliding Section was held to appoint a new representative Councellor for the specialty. There were two candidates, Angelo Albano and Sergio Cometto , and 24 members entitled to vote.

Voting results:

- Angelo Albano 9 votes

- Sergio Cometto 15 votes.

Sergio Cometto is therefore duly elected as the Representative Councellor for the Gliding Specialty. He will remain in office until the natural expiry of the current Board of Directors. Compliments to the newly elected councellor, and best wishes in the position from the Board.


Stage of aerobatics at Aeritalia


altSaturday, 26 October 2013, in collaboration with the Aero Club of Bresso, the Aero Club Torino organized for its members a stage of ambientation and introduction to elementary acrobatics using a CAP 10 aircraft under the guidance of the Milanese instructor Dario Costa.

The following members enjoyed the thrills of such flights: Sergio Cometto, Joseph Coratella, Gian Piero Grandi, Lorenzo Lupo Drovetto, Davide Marrone, Marco Porrera and Davide Spezini.

Weather permitting, the experience will be repeated in November and we are endeavouring to make this a bi-monthly event as of next year.


Emergency service (118) to go operational by night


altOn Thursday 17th October a services conference was held to plan the nocturnal operation of the 118 helicopter rescue service.

Representatives from ENAC, ENAV, Piedmont Region/118, AirGreen and the Aeroclub of Turin took part.

This first meeting will be followed by others, but initial agreement was reached for an experimental period up until midnight for several months, start from the end of this year.

Following this test period, the service should become functional 24 hours a day.


Airspace Changes


altOur Club member Cosimo Pica, counsellor and advisor to AOPA ITALY and point of contact for Piedmont has advised us of the interesting activities designed to improve the operating conditions for General Aviation and VDS within the national airspace areas.

At the 2013 Annual General Meeting held on June 6 this year at Ozzano Emilia, the President, Rinaldo Gaspari, made the following statement:

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September 22, 2013 - In flight with a smile


altSunday, September 22, 2013, the Aero Club Torino organized the 4th edition of the event aimed at offering the pleasure of flying to the young patients of the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital of Turin.

The event was organized in collaboration with the three non-profit organizations (FMRI, FORM and UGI) of the Regina Margherita Hospital sponsored by the City of Turin and the City of Collegno and with the support of the following sponsors: Alenia Aermacchi, Air BP Industry Borla SpA, Bosch, Cassa di Risparmio di Bra, Euroheat, Ferrero, Fiat, Lavazza, Quercetti, Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, Sales and UniCredit Bank.

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altAt 8:10 in the morning of 29 July a violent storm occurred over Turin, causing extensive damage to various structures of our Aero Club.

Particularly affected were the 118 (Rescue Helicopter) hangar and the structures of the outdoor area (tables, chairs and umbrellas) of the restaurant and bar, hurled hundreds of meters, and the gliding clubhouse.

The restoration works has already begun and the damage is estimated at around 100,000 Euros.

Here are some photographs that illustrate the severity of the event.








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