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New Board of Directors


altIOn the 18th of April, in 2nd convocation, the General Assembly of the Aeroclub Torino convened to approve the 2012 consolidated Budget and to elect the Club Officers for the next three-year period. Verbale assemblea

The consolidated Budget for 2012 was unanimously approved by the 156 members present (145 with voting rights).





Angelo Moriondo 139 votes



  • Antonio Pino Gulotta 124 votes
  • Andrea Balzi 123 votes
  • Silvano Vallino Costassa 123 votes
  • Paolo Monzeglio 77 votes
  • Marco Porrera 74 votes
  • Alfonso Carbone 56 votes
  • Ruggero Rissone 53 votes
  • Antonio Centocchi 19 votes
  • Angelo Albano 12 votes
  • Antonio Conforto 9 votes
  • Vito Petrone 6 votes


  • Mauro Elido Casati 135 votes
  • Matteo Bressan 125 votes
  • Alberto Tanturri 123 votes


In addition to those elected at the General Assembly, Luigi Giardino, the the Gliding Representative, and Juri Barollo, the Powered Flight Representative, elected during their Specialist Assemblies on the 27th and 28th of March 2013 also form part of the Board as Councillors.

Best wishes for fruitful work to those reconfirmed and to the newly elected members of the Board.


Full house for ACAO in the 41st City of Turin Gliding Trophy


altDue to the adverse weather conditions (which allowed only one test during the seven days programmed for the competition) the 41st "Turin" Gliding Trophy could not achieve the minimum requirements (3 tests) for homologation. On the basis of the only valid test which took place on Easter Sunday, the three crews from ACAO who took the first three places were awarded the Trophy just the same. They were:

1.  Luca DeMarchi
2.  A.Sironi + M.Chiarelli
3.  L.Avanzini + M. Brunazzo

The first of the Torinese pilots was Giancarlo Grinza who finished in 6th place.

For information and / or registration click here


New Specialty Representatives


During the evening of Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March, Assemblies were held for the election of new representatives for the Gliding and Powered Flight Specialties. Club members Luigi Giardino and Juri Barollo were elected in the respective roles. They will become part of the new Board of Directors of the Aero Club Turin for the four-year period 2013-2016.

We wish the new representatives well in their new jobs.



Barollo Juri


On-line Flight Booking as of April 1st.


altWith effect from March 15th, the Aero Club Torino has introduced an on-line consultation service for members' personal data (expiry dates for licence / medical certificate, club account details, individual flight data etc.). This data can be viewed by logging on to:




Each member may access the data using the credentials that were sent individually by e-mail to all interested parties.

The system also enables members to book flights (from 1 April 2013 booking will only be possible on-line), by logging on to:


and entering the appropriate username and password.

We are preparing a user manual which members may consult directly via the menu "Pilot Utilities" - "Document Area"

Those members who do not have internet access, can still contact the secretary by telephone for information and bookings.


"The Hyenas" committed for trial for defamation of the Aero Club Torino



Following a lawsuit brought by the Aero Club Torino, the Tribunal of Turin has indicted the "hyena" Luigi Pelazza for libel regarding an "Italia 1" television broadcast in March 2012, during which it was affirmed, among other things, that the Aero Club of Italy (a public company) had used public funds to pay off a debt of the Torino Aero Club (a private company) towards the FAI, relating to the organization of the World Air Games in 2009.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the prosecutor and the investigating magistrate, having ascertained the falsity of the affirmation and considering it to be seriously defamatory, in addition to the aforementioned indictment of the conductor, also ordered the seizure of the film from the Mediaset-Italy 1 offices and the removal of the video from the archive of RTI-Mediaset.

We will follow the developments of the case and ladvise you of the outcome.


Christmas Dinner 2012

altWednesday, December 12th saw the holding of our traditional club dinner, for the exchange of greetings, with large-scale participation of members and their families.

Among the guests were representatives from ENAV, Andrea Santospirito and Antimo Bertolino and their wives.

During the evening, 17 "eagle wings" and 9 "seagulls" were formally presented to those pilots who had gained powered flight and sailing licences respectively during 2012..

All participants were given the traditional souvenir cup and a copy of the new edition of the history of the Aero Club


New edition of the book about the birth of aviation in Turin




Libro storia 2° edizioneAlmost ready and hot from the presses of the edtior Melli is the new, revised and updated edition of the History of the Aeroclub Torino, which will be distributed free to all members who renew their membership for 2013.


Meeting of November 28, 2012


On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 the Annual General Meeting was held to decide, in extraordinary session, amendments to the Statute to comply with CONI regulations and in ordinary session to approve the projected budget for 2013.

In advance, please be advised that by the unanimous vote of all present and eligible to vote (1) the new text of the Bylaws (published in "Aero Club Torino / Articles" as per the deed by the notary Gianelli of Turin, (ii) the electoral rules issued pursuant to Article 7 of the Statute, (iii) the projected budget for 2013. were approved.


Charity dinner on behalf of che children of Burkina Faso


altOn the 19th of October, (World Food Day decreed by the United Nations Organization), the international solidarity and cooperative association LVIA, in collaboration with the Aeroclub Torino, organized a charity dinner to remind us of the more than 900 million people who suffer from malnutrition. To guarantee food of sufficient quantity and quality for all, alternative models of production and consumption are equired.

Each person at the dinner contributed 5,00 Euro in support of two projects in Burkina Faso which were presented during the course of the evening:


  • prevention of infantile malnutrition
  • support towards the countryside families to buy seed following the terrible food shortage which  has affected 15.000.000 people throughout the Sahel

On the 20th and 21st of October, LVIA will be active with stands at various points in Turin and the province with bags of bio apples for sale.

For more information about LVIA, projects, list of stands and for contributions: www.lvia.it


tel. - E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Luciana Littizzetto "shoots" at the Aero Club


altWednesday evening 17th October saw the Aero Club as the backdrop for a number of scenes being shot for the film "Il Vedovo" (The Widow). The film, directed by Massimo Venier, has Luciana Littizzetto and Fabio De Luigi as the protagonists and is a remake of Dino Risi's 1959 comedy of the same name which starred Alberto Sordi and Franca Valeri.

Our Cessna 172 and the Aero Club became Romanian for the occasion.

Below are some photos of the event.




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