You can now obtain your pilot's license for € 245 per month.


altThe Aero Club Torino has signed an agreement with the Banca d'Alba to finance the cost of the PPL course for student pilots aged between 18 and 30.

The agreement provides for the payment of costs related to obtaining your Private Pilot's License, with a repayment plan of 48 monthly installments of € 245 (*).

(*) Price valid until 31.12.2014 , subject to Euribor exchange rates.

The package consists of :

Ministerial Theoretical examination element:

• 102 hours of classroom lessons
• Teaching materials (books, plotter, ruler , maps and handouts )

Practical Course (to minimum Ministerial requirements):

• 45 hours of flight on Piper PA28
• 25 hours of instructor time
• Civil Aviation Authority fees for theory test
• Civil Aviation Authority fees for practical exam
• Medical Examination
• Aeroclub Torino membership 2014 (student rate)

The package does not include:

Any additional flight hours beyond the minimum of 45 specified in the Ministerial Programme

Any additional instructional hours beyond the 25 specified in the Ministerial Programme

Daily allowance for ministerial inspector at theoretical and practical examinations , to be divided pro rata among all examinees

Travelling expenses to Milan for the medical examination.

Civil Aviation Authority fee for issue of license

Students who have already begun the 2013 "Alpha" and "Bravo" courses are also eligible for this finance plan. In this instance, those payments already made will be deducted from the loan, decreasing the amount to be repaid per installment .

For more information, those interested should contact the secretariat directly .