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Giancarlo Grinza does it again, winning the 43rd "City of Turin" Trophy

altA beautiful Sunday evening with prizes and drinks in an atmosphere of friendship and general merriment saw the conclusion of the 43rd City of Torino Trophy, begun over the Easter weekend and continued through the following weekend.

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Sironi - New Italian Gliding Record

altOur heartiest compliments to Alberto Sironi.

Today he concluded a flight totalling 1217 Km during a 1000 km triangle in an Arcus: a new Italian record !!

The day was not an easy one due to significant turbulence.

The flight also confirmed the predictions by RASP of a very strong wave effect.

In the first photo, we see his rate of climb as 11.2 m/sec at 14:29 GMT just south of Aosta.

The second photo shows the wave effect forecast by RASP which Alberto benefitted from (14.00 GMT). The scale has a maximum of 11.75 m/sec., during which, at 14:29 Alberto achieved 11.2 m/ sec.

Alberto Sironi is a participant in our "City of Turin Trophy " gliding competition.


43rd "City of Turin" Gliding Trophy

altThe "City of Turin Trophy" officially began yesterday with the pre-race briefing, during which the President of the Aero Club Torino, Angelo Moriondo, briefly described the history of this trophy which has taken place, although not every year, since 1962 and whose first edition was won by the late Leonardo Brigliadori. He also mentioned that the Italian championships for the 15 m and 18 m standard classes, which will be held from 20 thru 28 June, were assigned to Turin since the city is the European Capital of Sport 2015.

The race director presented the theme of the opening race of about 200 km with 2 "area task" zones at Varallo Sesia and Pinerolo.

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Nino Perotti

altWe are sad to report that Nino Perotti died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Vercelli this morning.

A longstanding member of the Aero Club Torino, he was a first rate glider pilot, becoming Italian champion of the Standard Class 5 times, in 1972, 1973, 1979, 1980 and 1981.

The Aero Club Torino and all Turinese glider pilots will remember him for his good humour and his unparalleled mastery of the gliding art.

Ciao Nino, we will continue to fly together forever.


LS4 registration no. D-3659

altIn early May the LS4 registered as D-3659 has been put back into service following a complete overhaul and full repaint in polyurethane, and with the installation of winglets.

Those who have tried the aircraft in flight have been enthusiastic about the controls and the performance.


42nd City of Turin Gliding Trophy

altOur traditional opening of the season gliding competition, the City of Turin Trophy, now in its forty-second edition, was favoured by a fairly good weather situation, which allowed the performance of four valid tests in the six days envisaged for flight.

The Torinese pilots achieved excellent results, with Giancarlo Grinza + Pino Gulotta (in a twin seat ArcusT) in first place and Giorgio Marchisio + Luciano Avanzini (in an Duo Discus XLT) coming second. Third was Luca De Marchi of the ACAO with a Ventus 2ax .

The placings (for each individual test and overall) are available under Results 2014

Classifiche 2014


Junior Gliding World Championships 2013


altOur Club Member, Claudio Ricci, with 4710 points, was classified 13th out of 48 participants in the Junior World Championships in the Club Class at Leszno in Poland.


The first three pilots in the Class were:

1. Valentin Grit            Francia           Hornet      - 4924 punti
2. Benjamin Vades      Francia           Cirrus std  - 4902 punti
3. Maxime Petitpierre  Svizzera          ASW 19    - 4887 punti

The Board of Directors and the Members offer their compliments to Claudio for this splendid result in his first experince of a World Championship.


Voghera Competition



 alt(Reporatage by Gigi Giardino)

From 5 to 14 July 2013 the "6th Oltrepo" gliding trophy took place at Rivanazzano.

Not many participants, due to coincidence with other events, but of great quality (Ghiorzo, Tarchini, Poletti, etc..).

The race was very challenging for the less than perfect weather conditions, but the theming and weather briefings were always excellent.

The reception and the organization of the race were up to all expectations and the festive and friendly atmosphere, like the very demanding flights made the occasion most interesting and enjoyable.

Our opinions are positive also in view of the limited resources available and the disputes which arose last year over the cancellation of the competition due to a protest over a tree at the head of the runway. (!) The willingness and the good intentions of all participants did the rest.

Voghera is a good point of reference for Torinese pilots who wish to broaden their horizons without going too many miles.

Questa la classifica
1. Ghiorzo + Passardi
2. Tarchini + 1
3. AlfioLavazza
4. Andrea Faggioni
5. Luca Sommariva
6. Silverio Della Rosa
7. Girolamo Ghiringhelli
8. Marco Bertoluzza
9. Gigi Giardino
10. Franco Poletti


The National Glider Championships at Ferrara 7 to 16 June 2013


altOur "pink flyer" Laura Valvassori reports:

The National Championships which took place at Ferrara this year involved 39 pilots in the Open Class and 6 pilots in the Promotion Class.

Our Giancarlo Grinza gained the title of Italian Champion in the Open Class, while Laura Valvassori gained promotion to the National Category.

The weather was reasonably good, allowing five out of six days of competition.

The competitions themselves were held in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, despite the intensity of effort required of the pilots, given the level of the competitors taking part.

Egidio Santas, a competitor whom we had already met thanks to his participation in our local (City of Turin) Trophy, offered competitors and organizers a very pleasant evening with fish, helping to bring participants together even more.

There was a noteworthy and quite considerable number (in both the Italian Championship and the Promotion class) of lady pilots - the first time that ladies were in such substantial numbers. Let us hope that the next Championships continue to see this "pink" participation confirmed .

Themes and classifications are available on http://www.soaringspot.com/



Stage for competition preparation


altOn the initiative of the Glider Club of Ferrara, a stage of preparation for the race category "promotion" took place at their local airport between the 20/28 April 2013, for pilots who wanted to enter the world of competition soaring.

As per tradition, the weather was uncooperative, offering only three flyable days, but favoring the theoretical preparation of aspiring competitors.

Our Aero Club was validly represented by Laura Valvassori, shown here in total pre-flight concentration.


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