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The Aero Club Torino at Friedrichshafen 2015

altThe Aero Club Torino, together with DG-SKY will be at Stand 309, in Hall B4, at the "AERO 2015" Airshow which will take place from the 15th thru the 18th of April 2015 in Friedrichshafen (Germany).

This major European event, dedicated to General Aviation, now in its 23rd edition, will see the presence of our Aero Club along with a pool of the various industries based at the Torino-Aeritalia airport, highly motivated towards innovation and the development of wearable devices for "Pilots 3.0" seeking more control and more technology in flight.

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Raid 2014 in Sicily (Magna Grecia)


altThis year, for a variety of reasons, mainly work and unavoidable other commitments, only 9 aircraft and 21 people (compared to the 15 aircraft and 38 people originally forecast) participated in the raid between the 5th and the 9th of July 2014 which had eastern Sicily as its goal.

The participants were rewarded by four days of excellent weather, and all crews completed the flights without any difficulties.

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Mini raid 2014 - Boscomantico

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Domenia 4 maggio si è svolto il primo mini raid del 2014

Hanno partecipato 9 aerei con 21 persone a bordo:

I-ICES: Demaria Annalisa, Savella Elena e Pitti Daniele
I-FOGS: Mori Giacomo e Pluchino Simone
I-DARD: Nepote Angelo e Carletti Roberto
I-GILI: Rissone Ruggero e Di Bari Riccardo
I-SRAL: Uga Alberto e Trapella Andrea
F-GJRR: Moretti Franco, Sorrentino Giacomo e Zecchin Daniele
I-BJOE: Pietrantuono Alessandro, De Luigi Marco e Panetta Bruno
F-GAQL: Rampini Giorgio
I-ENDE: Marrone Davide , Vantaggiato Francesco e Bettoja Francesco:

Il velivo I-ENDE è dovuto rientrare a LIMA per problemi di radio.

Il meteo è stato splendido e i partecipanti soddisfatti della giornata.



Raid to Montenegro


alt12 aircraft and 27 people took part in the Raid to Montenegro with a stop-over in Slovenia (Portoroz), on the 6th of July 9, 2013.

The final destination was the town of Cattaro (Kotor) with a landing at the nearby airport of Tivat.

Four days of good weather allowed scenic flights along the Dalmatian coast and the Coronati islands.

On the way back we were already discussing the next raid for 2014!

The planes and crews consisted of:

  • I-CRSE (Angelo Moriondo, Alessandro e Teresa Villa)
  • I-PITU (Alberto Musso, Silvio Furione e Giuliana Galeotti)
  • F-GAQL (Giorgio e Laura Rampini)
  • N455MC (Mauro Casati e Francesca Busso)
  • N3102R (Mauro Monaco e Vanessa Daniele)
  • D-EPTK (Gianni Guala, Lidia Ariangena e Chiara Moriondo)
  • I-VANZ (Filippo Gugliotta e Marina Alberto)
  • D-EAFW (Angelo e Vanessa Ferrarese e Giacomo Sorrentino)
  • I-THRS (Tiziana Passuello e Davide Dalberto)
  • I-DARD (Franco Moretti e Simone Pluchino)
  • I-PROF (Francesco e Andrea Rondilone)
  • F-GFZG (Giovanni Castellino)

Continuation of the Primary School Guided Visits


altToday, 17 April, the 2A class of the Agazzi Primary School (Turin) came to visit us at the airport.

Our small visitors were first introduced to some of the airport activities and were then taken to see the 118 Rescue Helicopter and its crew. Finally, they also had the opportunity of seeing a glider at first hand and were able to see for themselves what it was like to be at the controls.

As can be well imagined, the children and their teachers went away full of enthusiasm for the experience.


June 30, 2013 - Mini raid to Pavullo



  • Itinerary: 
    LIMA – LIPD (Pavullo) – LIPM (Modena Marzaglia) – LIMA
  • Weather:
    serene in the morning with some clouds in the Apennines, in the afternoon covered with improvements to Turin
  • Participants
    I-BJOE: Deledda, Zecchin, Peretto (solo come passeggero)
    I-FOGS: Nepote, Gazzani
    I-ICES: Savella, Demaria
    I-ENDE: Bussone, Pluchino
    I-PITU: Furione + fidanzata, DiBari
    I-DARD: Sorrentino, Moretti
    I-DMBO: Valesio + amico
  • Programme:
    Meet 09:00, departure 09:30, arrival in Pavullo around 11.30, lunch, reboot to modena around 14:30, caffe ', return to file around 17:30
  • comments:
    very hospitable welcome both in Pavullo and in Modena, excellent lunch. Our stop in Modena 'was also much appreciated by the Modena aeroclub who have even dedicated a video on their site with the take-off sequence of our aircraft.
    The participants were all satisfied and happy with the trip.
  • Total participants:
    7 airplanes - 16 people
  • The incident to the motor-glider-I-DMBO:
    Although during the entire flight and the landing in Pavullo, no problems were experienced, during the pre-flight inspection at Pavullo, some quite significant damage to the propeller tip was noted. During further checks, the cap of the starboard fuel tank was found to be missing. This probably came loose at some time during the flight, striking the propeller and causing the observed damage. Given that the crew did not detect any vibration or disturbance to the engine and aircraft, it is presumed that the event took place during the final approach or during the landing itself. Since there were traces of fuel sucked from the tank on the wing, it is possible that the event has occurred in the last phase of flight.
    The glider was entrusted to the staff of the airport of Pavullo waiting for a' new propeller. The aircraft had been refuelled in the morning at Turin and it seems likely that the cap had not been tightened properly!




Mini raid to Thiene




On Sunday, June 2nd, the second mini raid of 2013 took place.

Seven aircraft took part, with 13 members and one student pilot pilot:Achille Bortolan, Armando Bussone, Antonio Conforto, Dario Deledda, Annalisa Demaria, Gianpiero Grandi, Franco Moretti, Giuseppe Nota,  Enrico Peretto, Simone Pluchino, Giacomo Sorrentino, Eugenio Speranza, Vittorio Valesio, Daniele Zecchin.


Mini outing to Carpi


altTrip Torino -Carpi

Sunday 14th April saw the first mini outing of 2013.

7 aircraft and 17 members took part: Armando Bussone, Roberto Carletti, Dario Deledda, Annalisa Demaria, Giancarlo Gazzani, Franco Moretti, Mirko Motta, Angelo Nepote, Alessandro Pietrantuono, Simone Pluchino, Eugenio Rizzi, Giorgio Rampini ,Laura Rampini, Angelo Regio, Ruggero Rissone, Giacomo Sorrentino and Daniele Zecchin.

Our thanks go to the President of Carpi for his hospitality and availability.


Long-range Vallino

altA Fixation for Pantelleria

"It was something I'd wanted to do  for years", I replied to those who asked me why I had chosen Pantelleria as the destination for my first "long-range" trip.
It was an idea that would permit me to enjoy myself even in the early phases of flight planning and organization, as well as being sufficiently exciting due to its lengthy stretches over the open sea.
The flight from Torino to Pantelleria with the Piper Warrior I-DARD took around five and a half hours at 8,500 feet with a stopover at Figari in the south of Corsica for fuel.
It wasn't without difficulties, even before it started: finding a travel companion for the 22nd of August wasn't all that easy. And so, just like when we run out of sugar for the kitchen, I turned to Rino, one of my neighbours, who did his best to be the navigator and flight engineer, and above all, stayed perfectly calm when things were not going so well. . .
In fact, over Corsica, we found ourselves in difficulties when the GPS stopped working, right at the time when Air Traffic was giving us continuous changes of direction with reporting points . . .
The following day, over the open sea, we found ourselves with a fuel gauge which began to "prematurely" read empty, requiring a certain amount of calculation and evaluation of the situation. In the meantime, to make it really interesting, we found ourselves in a dense bank of mist, which required flying in India Mike for about 10 minutes, no autopilot, during a VFR flight . . .
That mist was a feature of most of the flight while we were a long way from the coast until the shape of Pantelleria finally appeared on the horizon. As we got closer, we could see ever more clearly the massive excavations in the hill that stands over the island where they have built the main runway on stilts that makes it look like an aircraft carrier ski-ramp at the 08 end.
We landed at mid-day after a final made difficult by strong rising currents and gusts.
The return trip was trouble-free, with good visibility and a tail wind which made the flight shorter and more relaxing, enlivened by a radio contact with an Air One flight which relayed our call to Cagliari Approach after we found it impossible to raise Rome Information.
The experience has left me with a strong desire to head off towards other destinations which now seem a little closer.
Silvano Vallino Costassa


Corrado Egidi


As requested by his family, the funeral service, conducted by Don Paolo Gariglio,was held in the powered flight hangar. His son and grandson both spoke touching words in memory of Engineer Egidi. We have pleasure in remembering him as a member of our club for many years, as a careful pilot of his P-92, I-CORD, and as good companion of many group outings organized by the Aeroclub.
Goodbye Corrado, we will miss you.



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