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Raid 2014 in Sicily (Magna Grecia)


altThis year, for a variety of reasons, mainly work and unavoidable other commitments, only 9 aircraft and 21 people (compared to the 15 aircraft and 38 people originally forecast) participated in the raid between the 5th and the 9th of July 2014 which had eastern Sicily as its goal.

The participants were rewarded by four days of excellent weather, and all crews completed the flights without any difficulties.

Planes and crews:

  • I-CRSE (Angelo e Chiara Moriondo, Maurizio Macario)
  • I-DARD (Alberto Musso, Silvio Furione e Giliana Galeotti)
  • D-EBJR (Giorgio Rampini e Virginio Masera)
  • N455MC (Mauro Casati e Francesca Busso)
  • I-VANZ (Filippo Gugliotta e Marina Alberto)
  • D-EAFW (Angelo  Ferrarese e Simone Pluchino)
  • I-ICES (Annalisa Demaria e Elena Savella)
  • I-DSKY (Paolo Pari e Silvano Vallino Costassa)
  • I-BJOE (Dario Deledda, Marco De Luigi e Bruno Panetta)

The program included two nights (Saturday and Sunday) in Catania, with guided tours by bus to both Etna and Taormina. On Monday the crews flew to the airport of Comiso, spending two nights in nearby Ragusa. From there, on day one, there were excursions to Ibla, Modica, Noto and Merzamemi. The second day saw each crew free to choose a destination, with the most popular being the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

At the restaurant Marinella in Marzamemi a party was held to celebrate the young pilot Elena Savella's 18th birthday, highlighted by a large cake with a suitable number of candles.

Our members were given a magnificent welcome by the Aero Club of Catania and its President, Stefano Arcifa, who gave us all possible assistance to an incredible degree, confirming, if ever proof were needed, the tradition of Sicilian hospitality.