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Becoming a Member


Membership of the Aero Club is open to:

  • Anyone interested in aviation activities and who accepts the AeC Statute
  • Anyone who wishes to gain a Pilot's Licence and who subscribes to become a Student Pilot in one of our Flying School courses.
  • Anyone who has held a Pilot's Licence, even if this has expired.

Aspiring members are required to file an application, sponsored by two current members. The Governing Council, in unappealable judgment, will accept or reject the application.
At the moment of formalising membership, the annual membership fee plus a one-off admission fee will be levied.

Annual Fees

For Calendar Year 2018 the membership fees are as follow:

Student Pilot Member


Pilot Member


AeC Flight Instructor


One-off entry fee


of corresponding annual fee
Associate Member*



*Only a person without a currently-valid pilot's licence can be an Associate Member. AM's can use Club facilities, but do not conduct aviation activities; They are not subject to the one-off entry fee.

Those who where members during the period 2008-2011 and world like to renew their membership for 2013 will be exempted from the admittance fee.

For those who become members in the 2nd half of a year, the membership fee is calculated in twelfths, relevant to the month of becoming a member. The one-off entry fee remains calculated as 10% of the applicable annual fee.

Discounts for CUS Members

Thanks to a convention between the University Sporting Centre (CUS), its members benefit from a 50% reduction in the normal AeC Torino annual fees until they gain their Pilot's Licence, to a maximum of 2 years.